The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) has four(4) regional offices and the TCZ secretariat office. The decentralisation took place in 2019 after observing the workload the institution had as well as the challenges teachers faced to access the TCZ office.

Decentralisation helps the institution to manage its affairs more effectively and lessens the burden of teachers.

Where as teachers all used to travel to Lusaka to access TCZ services, they can visit the nearest TCZ office and access all the services that were initially only accessible in Lusaka. This helps teachers to save both time and money while still achieving their goals.

Because TCZ handles registration, licensing and sensitisation of the entire nation, it was quite challenging to attend to all corners of the country equally and effectively. With decentralisation, TCZ is able to divide its workload according to regions and by assigning specific members of staff to specific regions therefore executes its work more effectively. This in turn promotes accountability, because every member of staff has a specific region as their station, they are responsible for making sure that all matters are attended to in said region and are answerable when they do not carry out their duties effectively.

All clients are urged to present their various queries to their respective regional offices for faster a quicker response. Below is a table detailing which region each province belongs to.