1. What is a practicing Certificate?

A Practicing Certificate is a document that authorises registered teacher practice and get registered as teachers.

2. Who is eligible to apply for a Practicing certificate?

All teachers registered with the Teaching Council of Zambia.

3. What’s the validity period for the Practicing Certificate?

It’s valid for 3 years.

4. What is the mode of application?

It’s fully online.

5. What are the requirements for applying for a Practicing certificate?

  • Registration as a teacher.
  • Payment fee of the prescribed category.

6. What modes of payment are available for the application of practicing certificates?

  • Cash mode
  • Payroll mode

Fee Schedule

Teacher Registration / Change of status Fees

Class of TeachersZambian (K)Non-Zambian (K)
1. Early Childhood471.001,101.00
2. Primary520.501,101.00
3. Secondary571.201,300.50
4. Special Education & Guidance and Counselling521.101,300.50
5. College lecturer631.201,500.00
6. Administrator661.201,500.00
7. Others301.20
8. Student Registration85.50100.50

Practicing Certificate Fees For Zambians

Class of Teachers3 Years Cycle (K)1 Year Cycle (K)
1. Early Childhood510.00170.00
2. Primary640.00215.00
3. Secondary765.00255.00
4. Special Education & Guidance and Counselling640.00215.00
5. College lecturer900.00300.00
6. Administrator1,020.00340.00
7. Others255.0085.00

Practicing Certificate Fees For Non-Zambians

Class of Teachers3 Years Cycle1 Year Cycle
1. Early Childhood1,190.00400.00
2. Primary1,190.00400.00
3. Secondary1,360.00455.00
4. Special Education & Guidance and Counselling1,360.00455.00
5. College lecturer1,530.00510.00
6. Administrator1,530.00510.00