The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) would like to remind and warn teachers and education administrators never to involve themselves in examination malpractice. If found wanting, the Council shall de-register and revoke licenses of such teachers, pursuant to section 46 of the Teaching Profession Act No. 5 of 2013 and the Code of Ethics for the Teaching Profession.  

Accordingly, the TCZ wishes to advice all practising teachers to familiarise themselves with all provisions of the Code of Ethics for the Teaching Profession in order to continue executing quality education professionally. The Council further acknowledges compliant teachers and reminds those that are yet to renew their Practising licenses to do so by 31stOctober, 2022. 

In collaboration with key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, the Examinations Council of Zambia, the Teaching Service Commission and Teacher Unions, the TCZ pledges to contribute to uplifting education standards by ensuring that the image of the Teaching Profession is protected and that only teachers who are professional, well qualified and compliant remain employed in both public and private schools including Colleges of Education.

Dr. Ebby Mubanga (PhD)



TCZ Registrar on Exam malpractice
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