TCZ Loan

TCZ Teacher Loan Scheme

The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) has introduced the Teacher Loan Scheme (TLS) to teachers country wide. The purpose of this Teacher Loan Scheme is to help teachers access affordable loans at low interest rates. The scheme targets registered and licensed teachers in both the public and private sector in all provinces and districts country wide. However, phase one targets selected districts in all provinces, while phase two will cover the rest of the districts.

It is imperative for teachers to know that loans will be disbursed based on the requirements being adequately met.

The Teaching Council of Zambia is mandated to regulate teachers, their practice and professional conduct and accredit all colleges of education. In order to fulfil its mandate, the Council has with great pleasure embarked on a scheme of goodwill that will add value to teacher’s lives.

Caution shall be exercised during the implementation process of this loan scheme so that no teacher do not slides into any debt trap. The TCZ then further wishes to appreciate Government and its stakeholders for addressing teachers indebtedness through the debt swap initiative. The TCZ loan scheme, therefore, is an option to support teachers financially without affecting their take home income.